Certified Coding Specialist – Physician-based (CCS-P) Exam Review


Prepares candidates to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist – Physician-based (CCS-P) exam. This online, self-paced, interactive and comprehensive review includes ICD-10-CM and CPT coding practice; covers reimbursement methodologies, appropriate query practices, documentation review and requirements, data quality, regulatory issues, claims development and processing, insurance response, research and compliance; and provides valuable study and test-taking strategies.

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Fully updated for 2021 CCS-P Coding Credential Exam!

Prepares candidates to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist – Physician-based (CCS-P) exam. This online, self-paced, interactive and comprehensive review includes ICD-10-CM and CPT coding practice; covers reimbursement methodologies, appropriate query practices, documentation review and requirements, data quality, regulatory issues, claims development and processing, insurance response, research, and compliance; and provides valuable study and test-taking strategies.

Holding the CCS-P coding credential certifies that the credential holder has demonstrated mastery-level skills in coding for physician offices, group practices, multi-specialty clinics, or specialty centers. A minimum of two years related coding experience directly applying ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS Level II codes is strongly recommended before attempting the CCS-P.

The CCS-P Exam Review aims to prepare exam candidates to:

  • Use the ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II codebooks effectively
  • Complete the tasks encountered on the CCS-P exam
  • Identify personal areas of strength or weakness in relation to the tasks on the CCS-P exam
  • Explain the process for registering for and taking the CCS-P
  • Utilize tips and skills that make taking the exam a more comfortable experience

The CCS-P Exam Review follows the exam outline to provide a comprehensive review of the materials covered on the CCS-P exam as well as valuable study and test-taking strategies:

  • Lesson 1: ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding for Physician Services
  • Lesson 2: Navigating the CPT and HCPCS Level II Codebooks
  • Lesson 3: CPT/HCPCS Coding for Physician Services
  • Lesson 4: CPT and HCPCS Level II Modifiers
  • Lesson 5: Revenue and Research
  • Lesson 6: Compliant Coding and Health Record Maintenance
  • Bonus Content: Best Practices for Test Taking

To ensure mastery of material, the CCS-P Exam Review provides knowledge checks and assessment exercises throughout as well as a 100-question CCS-P Readiness Assessment similar to the actual exam.

After completing the CCS-P Exam Review, you will be positioned for coding credential exam success!

Libman Education is not associated, affiliated, or otherwise connected with AHIMA.

AHIMA’s updating of the Coding Credential Exams lags behind changes to the coding sets. Typically, AHIMA coding credential exams use the current year guidelines and code sets until May 1 of the following year.

Which year CCS-P Exam Review will I need? It depends on when you will be sitting for your credential:

  • If you are planning to take the exam prior to May 1, 2022, you should study the FY2021 guidelines and codes and prepare with the 2021 CCS-P Exam Review.
  • If you are planning to take the exam May 1, 2022 or later, you should study the FY2022 guidelines and codes and prepare with the 2022 CCS-P Exam Review.

Please refer to the AHIMA website (www.ahima.org) for updates on the exam status and the list of allowable code books for your exam. Refer to the PearsonVue website (https://home.pearsonvue.com/ahima) for the specifics of what you need to know when registering for an exam.

The level of effort to complete this course, start to finish, is equivalent to 7 CEUs and should take you approximately 7-21 hours to complete. Remember: You have access to the course materials for the full 16-week enrollment period and we encourage you to re-review any materials that are helpful to you.

Certificate of Completion
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AHIMA does not award CEUs for credential preparation or review courses.

AAPC will not grant CEUs for courses related to non-AAPC credentials.

  • WebinarPlus™ multimedia and interactive online course promotes engagement with challenging materials while offering independent self-study.
  • Teaching methods including audio and video files, diagrams, and animations to accommodate different learning styles. Where appropriate, the Merck Manual Professional Version supplements course materials with in-depth descriptions of diagnoses and/or procedures.
  • Knowledge checks and/or final assessment ensure mastery of material.
  • Online Flexibility! Materials available via secure Learning Management System (LMS). Work at your own pace — save time and travel costs.
  • Earn Libman Education Certificate of Completion and CEUs.
  • To receive CEU credit, students must achieve a passing rate on the course assessment(s).
  • Course is self-paced. For planning purposes, assume 1-3 hours required for each CEU.
  • Unlimited course access during enrollment period. For courses offering greater than one CEU, enrollment period is 16 weeks. For courses offering one or fewer CEUs, enrollment period is 4 weeks. Courses purchased as a bundle or package may have a longer enrollment period.
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Cari A. Greenwood, RHIA, CCS, CPC, CICA

With more than 18 years of experience in health information management (HIM), Cari Greenwood is a well-rounded HIM professional who holds RHIA and CCS credentials from AHIMA, a CPC credential from AAPC, and is an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer and an HFMA-Certified Inpatient Coding Auditor. Through her 12 plus years as a coding educator, Cari has gathered insight and information derived from her experience working with individual professionals and teams as they pursue advanced HIM training.

Cari’s HIM expertise combined with her passion for teaching is the foundation for her career as an author and presenter specializing in coding and auditing education. As Cari has stated: “The challenge facing anyone working with data and code sets is that it requires regular study to stay current with the evolutions in healthcare and the ability to accurately and efficiently do the work required of an HIM professional. A strong foundation of core skills and knowledge is the beginning, not the totality of an HIM education, there is always more to learn.”

“The quality of the courses that Libman presents is excellent” — Pamela S., RN, BSN, MSN, CCDS, Director, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Sharp Healthcare

“Thank you! Your company provides outstanding service and we appreciate it!” — Jim Herren, RHIA, CCS, Parkland Health & Hospital System

“I tell everyone about Libman. I find that you have a very wide variety of choices in education that is actually needed and not so many things that aren’t really needed and can be mind boggling just trying to sift through it. Your website is well organized and everything offered is so well laid out and very informative as far as what you are getting, what I need and a very thorough write-up on everything offered. I’m so thrilled to have found your site!” — Sharon T

“I truly thank you Libman Group for your wonderful courses that have contributed to my success.” — Leslie Jay Corn, CCS, CPC, CCA/ER Coding Analyst/Boston Medical Center OR LogixHealth

“I’m pleasantly surprised at your response … really didn’t think I would receive anything at all, so, thank you! I believe that alone says a lot for Libman Education. I would recommend you to other coding professionals.” — Jennifer Jones, CPC

“LOVEEE Libman! Very happy with the classes I’ve taken.” — Linda C.

“I love the courses at Libman Education.” — Joanne S., CCS

“Libman has exceeded my expectations so far in every way, with the content of courses, but the hands on with the instructors is one of the best and most genius things to offer! All other companies I’ve seen in my 12 years in this field do not offer this invaluable service with their education. Answers to questions on education content is something that was desperately needed, but to my knowledge, it was/is not offered anywhere else and this is what sets Libman apart from the rest. Also, your high quality education and very knowledgeable instructors.” — coding student

“Any of Libman Education’s courses are worth time and cost. Always walk away with a useable, clarity or reinforcement of subject matter.”


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Which year code books will I need? It depends on when you will be sitting for your credential:

The ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT coding systems update at least yearly. The ICD-10 code sets are updated for discharges October 1 of each year. The CPT code set changes are effective January 1 of each year.

AHIMA’s updating of the Coding Credential Exams lags behind changes to the coding sets. Typically, AHIMA coding credential exams use the current year guidelines and code sets until May 1 of the following year. For example, the coding credential exams will test on FY 2020 codes and guidelines until May 1 of 2021.

* Please note:  Candidates for the coding credential exam are required to bring the correct edition of code books to the test center. Candidates who do not bring the correct code books to the test center will not be allowed to test and will forfeit their exam fees. The allowable code books are published on the AHIMA website (see “2020 List of Allowable Code Books”) https://www.ahima.org/certification-careers/certifications/ccs-p/

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    • Medicine
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    • HCPCS Level II National Codes

    Step 3.  Practice, Practice, Practice!  As a final step, coders put it all together and practice their CPT coding skills on 50 carefully selected real world outpatient surgical cases to reinforce learning and challenge coding skills.

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