Staff Training

Libman Education is a leading provider of online courses focused on hospital coding (ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT) from beginner to advanced, as well as credential prep (both AHIMA and AAPC), and specialty topics (including home health, HIPAA, and pediatrics). We work with organizations who value highly skilled medical coders and understand the investment in a well-trained coding staff and their impact on the revenue cycle.

Our courses are unique in their content and their delivery for your staff. Designed by coders for coders, the courses are intense, challenging and defy the notion that a thorough understanding of the material can be garnered in a one-and-done experience.

Our subject matter experts are accomplished educators who understand the need to standardize instruction throughout the department, but also understand the different needs of adult learners create self-paced studies and mentoring that accommodates individual adult learning styles. The option of mentoring increases their comprehension of difficult coding topics, improve the quality of their work and greatly expedite their productivity.

We recommend an assessment of each employee and potential new hire to determine current knowledge and identify any gaps or weaknesses to be addressed. Based on the results of the assessments and the training goals for the employee(s).

Libman Education will develop a customized Learning Path to address any gaps or weaknesses. If foundational courses are recommended, they will be assigned to the employee.

As an option: one-on-one instruction followed by 100% review of the employee’s coding for an initial period with discussion of results with employee. The amount of review and mentoring hours will be determined jointly with you. Based on the targeted job assignment, Libman Education staff will be assigned to work closely with the employee.

Enterprise/Departmental Advantage
  • Manage all of your training programs via a customized learning portal that meets your organization’s specific requirements
  • Access our entire catalog of training: over 40 titles designed by leading industry experts
  • Extensive customized tracking, trending and reporting features to ensure training compliance is met now and in the future
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions
  • The Libman Education guarantee for Coder Success


What you will gain in addition to increasing your coders’ skill level:

  • Ensure competence through credentialing and certification
  • ROI on your training investment
  • Improve coding, billing, and reporting compliance
  • Ensure accurate reimbursement
  • Decrease the impact of denials and rejections
  • Documentable progress is being made and that the employee will be a good fit for the facility’s coding needs.


Your options: