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Coders’ Corner

This week’s question: How have you been impacted by COVID-19?

  • My workload as a director has increased during this time, but my staff’s time has decreased drastically.

  • Dramatically shifted workload. Less focus on typical day to day operations.

  • We are protecting staff and created a COVID EIT pool of hours, staff may use if we do not need them elsewhere.

  • We are cross training coders to refresh their IP coding skills in preparation for Influx of IP.

  • We sent all coders, CDI and UR staff to work from home, I am Director and am onsite, Coding has drastically decreased but I am incredibly busy assisting Administration.

  • I am being trained on new coding responsibilities while working remotely. It’s not the same as hands on. Training is through emails, conference calls, and screen sharing.

  • Getting to work from home occasionally was a privilege. Now it is mandatory. I miss the interaction with peers and physicians. Also initially got to work a 40 hour week.

  • I am reviewing Telehealth visits rather than onsite visits.

  • We are doing curbside lab draws and outdoor screenings.

  • We are screened for fever twice a day on the job, and have put have shields in patient access, and are doing all consents as verbal (documenting due to public health emergency).

  • We have implemented telehealth services, and have had an increase in our patient portal use.

  • We have had to place OR nurses in COVID-19 screening roles and in other areas as needed. Our volumes have sharply decreased.

  • I work in a critical access hospital. We have sent coders, transcription, and patient accounts staff home to work remotely.

  • I code Observations for a major hospital. My workload has dropped by about 60% a week.

  • Since I am in management, we were instructed not to work from home unless we had a physician order stating this.

  • I am participating in more telephonic work meetings. I have the capability to work from home and have done so on weather-related and/or sick days.

  • We are experiencing lower than normal inpatient and outpatient patient census so managing employees low-time schedules (55 employees).

  • Quickly adapting to teaching classes online. This has been particularly hard for some faculty and students who do not have computer equipment, or are not computer savvy.

  • I now finish working and have to homeschool three children ages 15, 11, and 6.

  • The coding workload has gone down 65% at my US company as a whole, even the IP and ED coding is down.

  • Coordination of 20 staff members’ work distributions with decreased elective volumes, and supplementing with cross training for 1/2 staff.

  • I have not worked since March 31, 2020. California is not ready to offer the special unemployment for independent contractors yet, thus I am without income for now.

  • The work load for all of my coders has been greatly effected. Our facility is no longer performing some services so, coding is down.

  • My employer just announced we have to take 16 hours of PTO a week for 12 weeks. No one is furloughed or laid off. We can go up to 180 hours into negative PTO balance.

  • Work flow less so using PTO hours, harder for meetings as we are working limited hours- can’t have team meetings regularly. Everyday changes in scheduling.

  • My staff’s volume might be low but mine has never been more in demand!

  • The urgency with which I must identify and develop education for my team and providers, policies & procedures for coding and billing, provide reassurances to my team.

  • Sadly, 100% of my remote coding work has been taken over by in house coders due to shelter-in-place restrictions and I find myself scrambling for financial help without success thus far.

  • Non-critical surgeries have been postponed, so inpatient stays have decreased some equalling decreased workload.