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Inpatient rehabilitation generally refers to physician and therapy services received during a hospital stay. IRF-PPS coding guidelines differ from inpatient guidelines and can pose a challenge to even seasoned coders. View quick list of all courses >

  • This webinar explores proper coding of selected IRF scenarios to illustrate key concepts of IRF coding and to explore how and why the UB-04 coding may differ from the IRF-PAI coding while both are correct. Nationally recognized IRF educator, Nirmala Sivakumar, CCS, CDIP, provides insight into the coding of these complex cases.
  • Inpatient rehab coding presents a challenge for HIM coders, even those with many years of coding experience. While both the IRF-PAI and UB-04 forms are used by Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities to report ICD-10-CM codes, there are several key differences. This webinar will help the IRF coder gain a clear understanding of IRF PPS guidelines and how ICD-10-CM coding conventions apply to the IRF setting.
  • This webinar by nationally recognized IRF educator, Nirmala Sivakumar, CCS, CDIP, will prepare the learner to choose the right impairment group and etiologic diagnosis, accurately code comorbid conditions and complications, and choose the principal diagnosis on the UB-04.
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