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CCS Practice Exam with One-on-one Live Instruction

Cari A. Greenwood, RHIA, CCS, CPC, CICA


Libman Education’s CCS Practice Exam tests your coding skills and provides a realistic assessment of your readiness to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) credential exam. One-on-one live instruction with a Libman Education instructor helps ensure the results are meaningful and actionable.

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The CCS Practice Exam will help you improve your chance of CCS success! 

The CCS Practice Exam identifies areas of knowledge that require additional study and provides a realistically intense test-taking experience.

  • Valuable Practical Experience: Libman Education’s CCS Practice Exam consists of 97 multiple choice questions and 8-9 coding scenarios that have 2 or 3 associated multiple choice, multiple response questions. The Practice Exam covers the four domains addressed by the CCS coding credential exam
  • Immediate results: Detailed and actionable exam results available upon completion of the practice exam
  • Exam corrected: Missed questions are identified to help the learner zero-in on areas needing additional study
  • Real-life feel: Experience the pressure of a timed test so you will be prepared for the actual CCS exam

Includes One-on-one Live Instruction to make your CCS Practice Exam experience even more valuable!  

  • One-on-one live instruction: A private consultation with a Libman Education instructor
  • Detailed Feedback: During the session you will receive detailed feedback on your exam results to identify your areas of strength and determine where you may have weaknesses
  • Putting it to Use: The session will include recommendations to make the most of your limited CCS preparation time with guidance specific to your results
  • Test-taking Strategies: Proven-to-be-successful test-taking strategies to prepare you more effectively for the real exam

Libman Education is not associated, affiliated, or otherwise connected with AHIMA.

AHIMA’s updating of the CCS Exam lags behind changes to the coding sets. Typically, AHIMA coding credential exams use the current year guidelines and code sets until May 1 of the following year.

Which year CCS Practice Exam will I need? It depends on when you will be sitting for your credential:

  • If you are planning to take the exam prior to May 1, 2023, you should study the FY2022 guidelines and codes and prepare with the 2022 CCS Practice Exam.
  • If you are planning to take the exam May 1, 2023 or later, you should study the FY2023 guidelines and codes and prepare with the 2023 CCS Practice Exam.

Please refer to the AHIMA website ( for updates on the exam status and the list of allowable code books for your exam. Refer to the PearsonVue website ( for the specifics of what you need to know when registering for an exam.

Eligibility to sit for the CCS is set by AHIMA. While not required, one of the following is recommended to sit for the CCS examination:

  • Complete courses in all the following topics: anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, reimbursement methodology, intermediate/advanced ICD diagnostic coding, and procedural coding and medical services (CPT/HCPCS) plus one (1) year of coding experience directly applying codes; OR
  • Minimum of two (2) years of related coding experience directly applying codes; OR
  • Hold the CCA® credential plus one (1) year of coding experience directly applying codes; OR
  • Hold a coding credential from another certifying organization plus one (1) year of coding experience directly applying codes; OR
  • Hold a CCS-P®, RHIT®, or RHIA® credential

To enroll in Libman Education’s CCS Practice Exam, candidates should already be proficient in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT coding systems. For learners who require additional instruction in the coding systems, Libman Education offers a complete catalog of online coding courses. Contact [email protected] for recommendations.

First things first! Before attempting to earn a coding credential, candidates should be well versed in the knowledge essential to the work of a medical record coder.

Foundational Sciences: Medical record coders require foundational knowledge in certain key areas. Course work in these topics is essential prior to commencing a program of study in coding.

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology – The anatomical structures and physiology of the human body. Each body system is discussed in detail.
  • Introduction to Medical Terminology – The language used by medical professionals to accurately describe the human body and associated components, conditions, processes and procedures.
  • Introduction to Pharmacology – The principles and basics of pharmacology, introducing students to the principles of clinical application, including basic pharmacokinetics, dosage forms, and drug administration.
  • Introduction to Pathophysiology – The function and symptoms of diseased organs for purposes of diagnosis and patient care.

The Libman Education’s Medical Coding Foundational Skills program provides access to all four foundational sciences. Buy them together and save!

Coding Systems: There are three primary code sets used in healthcare organizations. It is essential to master the code set and guidelines prior to attempting to earn a coding credential. The following Libman Education courses provide foundational studies in the code sets.

  • ICD-10-CM: Diagnosis Coding – A comprehensive program on the structure, function, and application of ICD-10-CM organized by body system. ICD-10-CM is used to code diagnoses in all healthcare settings.
  • ICD-10-PCS: Medical and Surgical Coding – Education on assigning codes within the medical and surgical section of ICD-10-PCS, with complete education on the 31 root operations used in the coding process. ICD-10-PCS is used to code inpatient procedures.
  • CPT: Procedural Coding – Course covers format and organization of CPT code system including modifiers and evaluation and management codes, with detailed instruction organized by body system. CPT is used to code procedures in the outpatient setting and physician practices.

Libman Education’s eLearning Library: Credential Prep provides these essential foundational coding courses and many others plus hands-on practice applying codes to ensure you are truly prepared for your credential exam.

The CCS Practice Exam with One-on-one Live Instruction is designed to increase your likelihood of CCS success!

CCS Practice Exam:

  • Consists of 97 multiple choice questions and 8-9 coding scenarios that have 2 or 3 associated multiple choice, multiple response questions
  • The Practice Exam covers the four domains addressed by the CCS coding credential exam
  • Four hours are allowed for completion
  • Must be completed in one sitting and you will have only one attempt
  • You will have an opportunity at the end of the assessment to review all the questions as well as your answers and to make any changes prior to submission for grading
  • Online access to the CCS Practice Exam from any computer with internet access
  • CCS Practice Exam must be completed within four weeks of purchase

One-on-one Live Instruction:

  • Builds on the value of the CCS Practice Exam with additional insight and instruction
  • Private discussion of results with a Libman Education instructor
  • Bonus information includes test taking strategies
  • One-on-one Live Instruction will be scheduled within five business days of completion of CCS Practice Exam

“The quality of the courses that Libman presents is excellent” — Pamela S., RN, BSN, MSN, CCDS, Director, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Sharp Healthcare

“Thank you! Your company provides outstanding service and we appreciate it!” — Jim Herren, RHIA, CCS, Parkland Health & Hospital System

“I tell everyone about Libman. I find that you have a very wide variety of choices in education that is actually needed and not so many things that aren’t really needed and can be mind boggling just trying to sift through it. Your website is well organized and everything offered is so well laid out and very informative as far as what you are getting, what I need and a very thorough write-up on everything offered. I’m so thrilled to have found your site!” — Sharon T

“I truly thank you Libman Group for your wonderful courses that have contributed to my success.” — Leslie Jay Corn, CCS, CPC, CCA/ER Coding Analyst/Boston Medical Center OR LogixHealth

“I’m pleasantly surprised at your response … really didn’t think I would receive anything at all, so, thank you! I believe that alone says a lot for Libman Education. I would recommend you to other coding professionals.” — Jennifer Jones, CPC

“LOVEEE Libman! Very happy with the classes I’ve taken.” — Linda C.

“I love the courses at Libman Education.” — Joanne S., CCS

“Libman has exceeded my expectations so far in every way, with the content of courses, but the hands on with the instructors is one of the best and most genius things to offer! All other companies I’ve seen in my 12 years in this field do not offer this invaluable service with their education. Answers to questions on education content is something that was desperately needed, but to my knowledge, it was/is not offered anywhere else and this is what sets Libman apart from the rest. Also, your high quality education and very knowledgeable instructors.” — coding student

“Any of Libman Education’s courses are worth time and cost. Always walk away with a useable, clarity or reinforcement of subject matter.”


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Required resources: 

* Please note: It is important that each participant have the correct edition and date of each publication as specified. Failure to have the correct edition and date will result in not being able to complete assignments.

Candidates for the CCS exam are required to bring the correct edition of code books to the test center. Candidates who do not bring the correct code books to the test center will not be allowed to test and will forfeit their exam fees. The allowable code books will be listed on the AHIMA website.

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