David Zielske is the founder and President of ZHealth Publishing and the primary author and editor of each ZHealth publication. Dr. Z practiced as an interventional radiologist for fourteen years and has over twenty years experience as a coding reviewer and coding expert.

He is Board Certified in Radiology with the Certification of Added Qualification in Interventional Radiology (1995, 2005). Dr. Z has functioned as an independent interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and cardiovascular coding consultant to a variety of physician groups and hospital providers across the country, and he has served as an instructor in over 200 coding seminars.

Dr. Z was on the AAPC National Advisory Board from 2005-2009. A graduate of Oregon State University and Oregon State Sciences University School of Medicine, Dr. Z completed his internship, radiology residency, and interventional radiology fellowship at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA.


Courses available by ZHealth:

Complete IR and Cardiovascular Coding
Introduction to Interventional Radiology Coding
Updates for Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, and Vascular Surgery
IR/CV Anatomy Charts
IR/CV Medical Coding Seminars: VIRTUAL or In-person Presentation
Peripheral Vascular Intervention Webinars
Non-Vascular Interventional Coding Webinars
Cardiology Webinars
Basic Catheter Selections
Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder (CIRCC) Exam Prep
Cardiothoracic Coding
Diagnostic Peripheral Angiography
Dialysis Access Coding
Neurointerventional Coding
CPT® Coding for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts
CPT® Coding for Gastrointestinal Interventions
CPT® Coding for Percutaneous Urinary Tract Interventions
CPT® Coding for Percutaneous Biliary Tract Interventions
CPT® Coding for Implantable Defibrillators
CPT® Coding for Transvenous and Leadless Cardiac Pacemakers
CPT® Coding for Electrophysiology Procedures
CPT® Coding for Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterizations
CPT® Coding for Image-Guided Percutaneous and Transcatheter Biopsies
CPT® Coding for Image-Guided Percutaneous Fluid Collection Drainage & Management Procedures
CPT® Coding for Arteriovenous Dialysis Access Imaging and Interventions
CPT® Coding for Aortic Endografts
CPT® Coding for Percutaneous Coronary Interventions
CPT® Coding for Transcatheter Infusion Therapy
CPT® Coding for Transcatheter Mechanical Thrombectomy
CPT® Coding for Abdominal Aortography and Lower Extremity Angiography
CPT® Coding for Lower Extremity Arterial Endovascular Revascularization
CPT® Coding for Diagnostic Venography
CPT® Coding for Selective Catheter Placement in the Arterial System
CPT® Coding for Non-Coronary Vascular Stent Placement
CPT® Coding for Non-Selective Catheter Placements
CPT® Coding for Cervicocerebral Arteriography
CPT® Coding for Transcatheter Heart Valve Repair and Replacement
CPT® Coding for Transcatheter Embolization

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