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Libman Education, Inc.

Per 230 CMR 15.07(2) a school shall respond to written student complaints in writing within ten days from when the complaint was submitted to the school. Students may contact the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure at any time with a complaint.  DPL’s contact information:

TELEPHONE: (617) 727-3074
FAX: (617) 727-2197
TTY/TDD: (617) 727-2099   

The formal process is described below and must be followed by all parties in order to resolve a dispute. No student or staff/faculty member is permitted to ignore the process, follow it out of order, or appeal to authorities such as the President or Vice President.

  1. The student should make an appointment with the Director of Training and Operations to discuss the matter via phone. It is appropriate to try to resolve differences amicably if at all possible before seeking to raise the matter to a higher level of authority than the course instructor.
  2. If the student continues to dispute the grade after the aforementioned meeting, submit a written appeal to the Director of Training and Operations. The Director of Training and Operations will review the student’s concern and consult with the course author. The Director of Training and Operations will respond formally in writing to the student and the course author.
  3. If the student is unsatisfied with the Director of Training and Operation’s recommendation, the student may bring the matter to the Vice President of Libman Education, Inc. – again, in writing. The Vice President will review the written appeal and consult with the Director of Training and Operations, the course author, and the student. The Vice President will make a judgment as to whether to accept the appeal.

Upon the Vice President’s determination, the student will be informed in writing of said determination and the actions to be taken to resolve the disputed issue.


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