by David Zielske, MD, CIRCC, COC, CCVTC, CCC, CCS, RCC

What would be the appropriate CPT codes for CT cystography performed for bladder evaluation? The codes I came up with are 51600 and 74430.

If the contrast was administered intravascularly, this would meet the criteria of a with-contrast exam, and possible codes would be 72193 or 72194. If the contrast was administered via a catheter placed into the bladder, this would be defined by codes 51600 and 72192.

Remember, when a code description contains the verbiage “with contrast”, contrast material must be administered:

  • intravascularly (situated in, occurring in, or administered by entry into a blood vessel)
  • intrathecally (introduced into or occurring in the space under the arachnoid membrane of the brain or spinal cord)
  • intra-articularly (situated within, occurring within, or administered by entering a joint)


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