ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems



Lynn Kuehn, a nationally recognized expert in ICD-10-PCS coding, turns her attention to the complexities and unique attributes of ICD-10-PCS coding of procedures performed on pediatric patients, specifically the Procedures in the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems.

CEUs:     4 AHIMA      4 AAPC
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ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems provides detailed instruction on coding of procedures performed in the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems. Complete package consists of:

Lines and Pacemakers

  • Central venous catheters, Insertion and removal
  • Umbilical vein catheter into the IVC
  • Epicardial pacemakers, defibrillators and resynchronizer
  • Transvenous pacemakers
  • Subcutaneous Pacemaker

Other CV and Lymphatic Procedures

  • Percutaneous Procedures
  • Cardiac Catheterization, dilations
  • Atrial septal defect Amplatzer closure
  • Alfieri Stitch restriction of mitral valve
  • Issues related to Pediatric Heart Surgery
  • Imaging, CP Bypass Machine Use, ECMO
  • Delayed chest closure
  • Mediastinal Clean-out and closure
  • Ventricular assist devices and heart transplant
  • Lymphatic Procedures
  • Splenectomy, bone Marrow biopsy
  • Lymph node biopsy and contents of lymph node locations

Heart Anomaly Procedures, Part 1

  • Major cardiac anomalies of structure
  • The septa, the walls, valve issues and problems of aortic development
  • Patent ductus arteriosus
  • ASD and VSD repair
  • Common AV canal repair
  • Coarctation of aorta
  • Aortic arch repair, supplement and replacement
  • Vascular ring release
  • Truncus arteriosus repair
  • Tetralogy of Fallot repair
  • Valve repairs and replacements

Heart Anomaly Procedures, Part 2
(Blood flow to, through and out of the heart, along with some more rare anomalies).

  • ALCAPA – anomalous left coronary artery from pulmonary artery reposition
  • Arterial Switch
  • Central Shunting, BT Shunts and Aortopulmonary window
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome – Norwood, Bidirectional Glenn and Fontan Including Sano Modification
  • Ross – aortic valve replacement with pulmonary valve and pulmonary autograft
  • TAPVC repair
  • Subaortic stenosis and LVOT obstruction
  • RVOT obstruction dilation

ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics offers correct coding advice in manageable chunks with interesting and interactive instruction from a nationally recognized industry expert.

  • Organized into short, manageable courses. Study what you need and when you need it.
  • Provides detailed explanations of complex procedures; includes anatomy, reconstructive techniques and documentation samples.
  • All courses contain images, videos, instructor narration and practice quizzes to strengthen comprehension of each subject

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  • WebinarPlus™ multimedia and interactive online course offering independent self-study.
  • Knowledge checks and/or final assessment ensure mastery of material.
  • Online Flexibility! Materials available 24/7. Work at your own pace — save time and travel costs.
  • Earn Libman Education Certificate of Completion and CEUs.
  • To receive CEU credit, students must achieve a passing rate on the course assessment(s).
  • Course is self-paced. For planning purposes, assume 1-3 hours required for each CEU.
  • Unlimited course access during enrollment period. For courses offering greater than one CEU, enrollment period is 16 weeks. For courses offering one or fewer CEUs, enrollment period is 4 weeks. Courses purchased as a bundle or package may have a longer enrollment period.
  • Extensions to the enrollment period are available. Contact Libman Education for pricing.
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Lynn Kuehn is president of Kuehn Consulting, LLC, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a consulting firm specializing in coding for all settings and physician practice management issues. Lynn is a nationally recognized trainer on ICD-10-PCS and other HIM-related topics.

Lynn served on the AHIMA Board of Directors and authored several of AHIMA’s most popular books including Procedural Coding and Reimbursement for Physician ServicesCCS-P Exam Preparation, and ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach.

Together with her co-Author Theresa Jorwic, Lynn received the Triumph Literary Legacy Award from AHIMA for ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach. This book has been named the “go-to” resource for learning and mastering ICD-10-PCS.  ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach provides step-by-step instructions and exercises at all levels, and is used throughout Kuehn’s ICD-10-PCS courses authored for Libman Education.

“Lynn’s lectures are great. I have been enjoying the material. Overall, they are very informative.” — Pamela

“Lynn is an inspirational teacher. She ignites a passion for coding within you!” — Kristen T

“Lynn, your explanations are clear, concise and to the point. Recommend it to any and all. It is a confidence booster!” — Leslie C

“I met Lynn at ICD-10 training. She is a great trainer of ICD-10.” — Linda D., RHIT, CCS

“I consistently learn from Lynn Kuehn. Thank you!”

“Lynn: I look for everything you have on the internet. You have a wonderful concise way of presenting material that is so easy to understand. All of us learn differently and your slides help us ‘Visual learners.’ keep up the great work. I will be ordering your flash cards! Many thanks.”

“I just wanted to let you know that the articles written by Lynn are a great help. I read them all the time and learn something new each time. Please let her know what a fine job she does.” — Kira G., RHIT, IP Coder III

“Lynn always has a way of getting the information across in a simple, understandable way!” — Janice N.

“Just heard Gail and Lynne’s PCS workshop – fantastic information and terrific speakers!!” — Jacqueline F., RHIT, CCS, DRG Validation Specialist


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