Grow Your Own Coder

Grow Your Own Coder

The Grow Your Own Coder program allows employers to transform new and existing staff into certified coders. This customizable, cost-effective solution uses a model of progressive skills development and targeted mentoring by skilled senior coders to ensure staff develop the knowledge and real world experience necessary to perform their job to your standards.

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Grow Your Own Coder is a customizable, cost-effective solution that uses a model of progressive skills development and targeted mentoring by skilled senior coders to ensure your staff develops the knowledge and real world experience necessary to perform their job to your standards.

Step 1:  Assessment of Current Skills

Assessments provide valuable insight into the skills of employees. By using objective and measurable assessments, the gaps between existing and required knowledge and skills are defined. Assessments may include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic Coding Skills
  • Specialized Coding Skills (Standard Assessments or Customized for Your Needs!)

Step 2:  Learning Path Specific to Each Coder

Based on the results of the assessments and the training goals for the employee, Libman Education develops a customized Learning Path to match the employee’s skills with the employer’s requirements.  The Learning Path identifies Libman Education courses to address employee skill gaps.

Step 3:  One-on-one Mentoring and Progressive Skills Development

Using progressive training of coding skills, the employee advances from simpler to more complex coding assignments in accordance with your organization’s need and the individual’s progress. Libman Education’s staff of skilled and experienced Mentors work closely with the employee to ensure the course work is being mastered and to evaluate the employee’s coding performance on carefully selected records drawn from our inventory or from actual facility records.

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The healthcare industry depends on the skills of its coders to provide accurate and complete coding (in accordance with myriad and changing guidelines and rules), subject to challenge by auditors both internal and external. Coding mistakes can be very expensive.

As individuals and as a group, a lot is riding on your coders. Knowing that they are sufficiently trained and skilled to perform their job function is one less thing for you to worry about.

Libman Education’s Grow Your Own Coder offers the following benefits:

• Affordable
• Use of technology to train coders where they are
• Scaleable to large and small organizations
• Training specific to your facility’s needs
• Libman Education’s proven coder training techniques
• Manage all of your training programs via a customized learning portal that meets your organization’s specific requirements
• Access our entire catalog of training: over 50 titles designed by leading industry experts
• Extensive customized tracking, trending and reporting features to ensure training compliance is met now and in the future
• Monitoring to ensure progress is being made and that the employee will be a good fit for the organization’s coding needs.

“I think the mentoring is going very well. I am very pleased with the instruction my coders are receiving. Libman Education once again exceeds my expectations.” — Liz H., HIM Director

“As you know, Mary Beth York is mentoring two of our coders. I just wanted to let you know that Mary Beth is really outstanding and exceptional !! She has lots of patience — as well as excellent teaching abilities that allow her to explain things in a way that you don’t feel patronized.” — Liz H., HIM Director

“I’m really going to miss our Thursday talks. You have taught me so much. You have been a great mentor!!”

“I am very happy with the mentoring process. It has been a huge benefit to our coding program. The new coders are much more confident and this is due to the Libman Education program. They are doing a fabulous job!” — Elizabeth A. Leff

“I truly thank you Libman Group for your wonderful courses that have contributed to my success.” — Leslie Jay Corn, CCS, CPC, CCA/ER Coding Analyst/Boston Medical Center OR LogixHealth

“This project has really alleviated my stress over proper and adequate training.” — Wendy Pelletier RHIT, CCS, CPC, Director of Coding; Health Information Management

“Any of Libman Education’s courses are worth time and cost. Always walk away with a useable, clarity or reinforcement of subject matter.”


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