• Hospital CodingeLearning Library

    eLearning Library (6 Month Subscription)


    This special version of the eLearning Library subscription provides unlimited access to over 60 courses, assessments, and training curriculums designed to enhance job-specific, self-paced learning for 6 whole months. If you are an individual coder with a limited budget, then this is the program for you.

  • Credential PrepCIC

    Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Exam Review


    The Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Exam Review is an online course designed to prepare you for the CIC Certification Exam offered by AAPC. The CIC coding certification demonstrates proficiency in assigning accurate ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS for diagnoses and procedures performed in the inpatient setting.

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  • eLearning LibraryHospital Coding

    Anatomy & Physiology for Coders


    Anatomy & Physiology for Coders provides comprehensive and complete review of major body systems, plus additional bonus content of particular value to coders including disease processes, selected medical terminology, frequently prescribed drugs, and commonly ordered laboratory tests.  Anatomy & Physiology for Coders provides the foundational knowledge essential for medical record coding.

  • eLearning LibraryHIPAA

    HIPAA Privacy and Security Training – Clinician

    Kelly McLendon, CompliancePro Solutions


    HIPAA Privacy and Security Training – Clinician is specifically for clinical providers of care who have limited time availability, yet still require initial, comprehensive privacy and security training annually. This course is short in duration but still addresses the important areas about HIPAA privacy, security and cybersecurity that providers of care need to be aware of.

  • Skills Assessment ICD-10-CM

    CPT® Skills Assessment


    CPT® coding is used by physicians and hospitals to describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services provided to patients. The CPT Skills Assessment measures competency in assigning CPT codes for hospital outpatient services.

  • IR & Cardiovascular

    Introduction to Interventional Radiology Coding

    ZHealth Publishing


    Introduction to Interventional Radiology Coding course is geared towards the brand new interventional radiology coder or someone who is interested in the field.

  • Credential PrepCCA

    Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Exam Review

    Gail I. Smith, MA, RHIA, CCS-P


    Prepares candidates to sit for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Associate (CCA) credential exam. Online, self-paced, comprehensive review of materials covered on the CCA credential exam including ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT coding; reimbursement methodologies; and valuable study and test-taking strategies.  Includes a mock CCA practice assessment.

  • Live InstructionCCS

    Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Mock Exam

    Mary Beth York, CCS, CCS-P, CIC


    Find out where you stand! Libman Education’s CCS Mock Exam tests your coding skills and provides a realistic assessment of your readiness to sit for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) credential exam. Includes one-on-one mentoring!

  • CEUs

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility: IRF-PAI and UB-04 Coding

    Nirmala Sivakumar, CCS, CDIP


    Inpatient rehab coding presents a challenge for HIM coders, even those with many years of coding experience. While both the IRF-PAI and UB-04 forms are used by Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities to report ICD-10-CM codes, there are several key differences. This webinar will help the IRF coder gain a clear understanding of IRF PPS guidelines and how ICD-10-CM coding conventions apply to the IRF setting.

  • CEUsIR & Cardiovascular

    Introduction to Interventional Radiology and Cardiology Coding, A Clinical Perspective

    ZHealth Publishing


    Contains a general overview of interventional radiology and cardiology procedures presented by Dr. Z to pique your interest in coding these exciting and complex procedures. Special, limited-time webinar.

  • ICD-10-CM: Coding of Chromosomal Abnormalities

    Lynn Kuehn, MS, RHIA, CCS-P, FAHIMA


    ICD-10-CM Coding of Chromosomol Abnormalities reflects the exponential growth of genomic testing and therapeutics. Diagnosis of these conditions often occurs in the obstetrical and pediatric settings. Accurate and complete coding requires detailed understanding of how abnormalities are characterized (mosaicism, numerical and structural abnormalities), how tests are used to determine carrier or susceptibility status, and interpreting the unique language used by providers to identify conditions.

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    ICD-10-PCS: Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Orthopedic, and Spinal Procedure Coding

    Lynn Kuehn, MS, RHIA, CCS-P, FAHIMA

    $537.00 $395.00

    Coding of complex procedures involving overlapping layers requires a firm grasp of the code system and the guidelines determining its application.  Learn to code soft tissue reconstruction, orthopedic, and spinal procedures with the unique perspective and expertise offered by nationally recognized ICD-10-PCS coding expert Lynn Kuehn! Working “from the outside in,” this three-course package enables coders to visualize and understand complicated procedures and to accurately and completely code them.

    (2 of the AAPC CEUs are pending)