by Angela Lima, BS, CCS, CDIP, COC, CIC, AAPC-Approved Instructor

Coding is serious stuff.  If you are one of those coders who recognizes their role in ensuring their organization will continue to be financially viable, then you know that getting it right is important.

No one has to tell you that coding compliance risk is coming at you from all directions –RACs, MACs, Insurers, OIG and DOJ. You have seen what happens when coding is not accurate: audits consume your time and claw backs drain the organization’s resources. In the worse possible cases, allegations of fraud lead to court dates and prison sentences.

No organization wants to face an auditor without a clear understanding of its own regulatory risk compliance profile. No hospital wants to suffer regulatory fines, civil and criminal penalties, and a damaged reputation. And when margins are thin, no hospital can afford to waste time and resources on rejected claims and rework.

So why pay more for an online interactive code update when you can get a list of code changes read to you in a less expensive webinar?

Libman Education’s approach to the code updates reflects the seriousness of the matter.  A one-and-done, passive webinar with everyone piled into an online conference room is not sufficient. Our update courses feature our proprietary WebinarPlus™ multimedia and interactive online format which promotes engagement with challenging materials while offering independent self-study. Coders are given opportunities to practice applying the new codes and guidelines. Knowledge checks and a challenging final assessment ensure mastery of material.

By focusing on coding accuracy, your organization can achieve coding compliance and realize financial benefits by:

  • Avoiding over-coding, with its compliance risks and the possibility of fraudulent overpayments.
  • Avoiding under-coding, which means you are leaving money on the table.
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on rejected and reworked claims and write-offs.

Our approach is not for everyone. But it is the type of approach needed by those coders who take this coding ‘stuff’ as seriously as we do, who plan to extend their career into new areas of challenge, and for whom knowing just a little is not going to cut it.


Implementation is October 1! FY 2023 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Updates
Detailed explanations of critical changes to the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes and guidelines. Learn what the changes mean and how to apply them.

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