By Angela Lima, BS, CCS, CDIP, COC, CIC, AAPC-Approved Instructor

Libman Education’s eLearning Libraries are available in several versions.  eLearning Library: Comprehensive contains over 60 courses in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT, as well as coding credential reviews and courses for specific settings such as LTAC, Home Health, Skilled Nursing and Pediatrics.  Because not everyone needs such a broad library, Libman Education now offers Targeted eLearning Libraries tailored to specific needs. These include: inpatient, outpatient, professional fee, pediatrics, CDI, and credential prep.

No matter which eLearning Library you end up with, there is a lot (!) of content. Finding the specific courses that would be most beneficial to you and determining a sequence that works with your needs and time available, requires a Personal Training Plan.

(Sample Personal Training Plans as well as a blank worksheet to plan your own are available here.)

But how does one decide what they need? We have suggestions that can help you to develop a plan that will work for you.

1. What are your goals? You may already have a goal in mind, such as wanting to become an inpatient coder, or wanting to move from a professional fee setting to a hospital setting.
2. Inventory your current skills. Know where your skills are already strong will then identify those areas you need to master.
3. Talk to those individuals in a position to advise you. If, for example, you want to become an inpatient coder, make friends with the current inpatient coders and ask for their suggestions.
4. Talk to leadership. Ask your team lead, coding supervisor, or HIM Director for their recommendations. Let them know of your ambitions. They work with you now and can help you to identify what skills you would need to acquire for them to consider you for a new role.
5. Say ‘yes’ to everything (everything work related!). Special projects can open your eyes to parts of the coding process you have never been aware of before. Pitching in and resolving a significant backlog will mark you as a team player that can be counted on.
6. Just dive in. With an eLearning Library subscription, you have unlimited access to courses. The courses can be taken in any order. Courses are online and self-paced, ready whenever your schedule allows. Start poking around. Get over the frustration hump of learning a new skill and start mastering the material.

A final suggestion, reach out to us. Libman Education is here to support you and answer any questions you might have. Contact us at [email protected]

eLearning Library: Comprehensive Subscription
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