Libman Education’s Grow Your Own Coder Program Discussed in January 2017 Issue of “For The Record”

Libman Education’s Grow Your Own Coder Program Discussed in January 2017 Issue of “For The Record”

In an article in the January 2017 Issue of “For The Record,” titled Yearning to Learn by Juliann Schaeffer, Libman Education’s Grow Your Own Coder program is discussed.

Libman says many clients, primarily hospitals and organizations that provide coders and coding-related services, believe accurate coding—and the importance of skilled coders—to be at the forefront of revenue cycle management. “Health care administrators know the value of accurate, complete, and defensible medical coding, and that it is a critical advantage for their enterprise,” he says.

To address this need, Libman Education recently introduced a Medical Coder Mentoring Program, which provides in-house coder training. The program, which can be tailored to meet a hospital’s specific needs, assesses coder skills, develops customized learning paths, and offers optional one-on-one mentoring to help staff develop and then practice new skills.

The training solution uses a model of progressive learning to ensure coders develop the knowledge and real-world experience necessary to perform their jobs, Libman says. “The program, called Grow Your Own Coder, allows organizations to keep their coding staff in production while developing their own credentialed coders in-house,” he says. “Using our progressive model of training for coding skills, employees advance from simpler to more complex coding assignments in accordance with the organization’s need and the individual’s progress.”

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For more about Libman Education’s Grow Your Own Coder program, click here.


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