by Ann Barnaby, CPC, CRC, CASCC

It is important to think about how you are presenting yourself to potential employers via the online world. Preparation now will ensure that employers see a professional, polished employee.


Sites like LinkedIn,, Monster, are all incredible resources for those looking for jobs, as well as those hiring. It’s almost guaranteed that a hiring manager will utilize one of these sites when researching you, your skills, and your work history. This is a great chance to make an impression before you even speak to anyone! Update your LinkedIn profile, upload your perfected resume (we’ll talk about how to make the perfect resume later), and list keywords that describe your skills and talents. Be sure to include keywords and phrases that you would use in your job search: Coding, CMS, Medical Records, etc. They are searching for you just like you are searching for jobs, so make it as easy for them as possible to find you.


We all use them, they’re fun, and they keep us connected—social media sites! Unfortunately, what we use to share our personal life and views, can sometimes affect the opportunities offered to us. How you present yourself on social media may not be how your conduct yourself in a place of business, but companies, nonetheless, can decide that your posts are inappropriate and that can remove you from consideration for positions. Knowing all this, can we use social media to our benefit in the job search? Posting in public coding groups, and encouraging other coders and applicants is always a good idea, as is following and “friending” coding organizations, such as the AAPC.

To focus on your own image, however, prepare your accounts to ensure that you are viewed in a positive light should employers take a look at your social media posts. If your social media sites are “public,” during the time of your job searching, set them to “private.” The minor change during the job search can save you a lot of anxiety and trouble. As a general rule before, during, and after the job search process, keep your work out of your social media posts. We work in a sensitive industry, and it only takes one mistake to violate HIPAA policies, or to cross a line when complaining during a bad day at work. Keep your work life out of your social media; you’ll be happy that you did!


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