Frequently Asked Questions

What about vendors who suggest their materials have governmental approval?

It’s a good idea to question the compliance of your sources of HIPAA training materials. Don’t be fooled by vendor-specific marketing that somehow indicates their training materials have some sort of governmental approval. There is no such requirement or program for certification.

Has the content of the Libman Education HIPAA courses been accepted by the government?

The basic materials from which the Libman Education training presentations were drawn has been reviewed by Office of Civil Rights (OCR) during the course of audits. During an investigation of a potential violation, OCR will ask for copies of the training materials used by a provider or hospital. Clients of the author of the Libman Education HIPAA courses who have been investigated for HIPAA violations and have as a part of the investigation sent copies of these training materials have never reported any follow-up or push-back from using the materials. Once the training materials were provided, there were no further questions on the compliance of their HIPAA training.

Do I need to purchase both courses?

The courses are modular and can be performed separately or together depending on your needs.

Who is the author of the Libman Education HIPAA Privacy and Security courses?

The author of these presentations is Kelly McLendon, RHIA, CHPS, an expert specializing exclusively in HIPAA privacy and security and credentialed by AHIMA.

How can I judge the quality of a HIPAA training course?

Since there is no real ‘certification’ (regardless of what some vendors claim), the best assurance that training materials are compliant is to have them developed by ‘credentialed’ HIPAA experts.

Are the Libman Education HIPAA Privacy and Security courses 45 CFR Compliant?

Yes. The Libman Education training materials are 45 CFR compliant. In order to be compliant the training materials need to address HIPPAA privacy and/or security rules.

Are the Libman Education HIPAA courses certified by the Federal government or any state governments?

No. The courses are not ‘certified’ by the government or any other standards body as there is, in fact, no such thing as an official, government sanctioned ‘HIPAA certification.’ (Websites that claim to be so — and there are several out there in the marketplace — are using that term for marketing purposes.) The OCR does not certify any products, materials, tools, assessments, or anything else under the HIPAA rules.

What Federal agency governs HIPAA rules?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the rule promulgator and enforcement agency for HIPAA regulations.

What organizations credential HIPAA experts?

Typically credentialing is from reputable, non-profit organizations that promote extensive, vendor-neutral learning and have experience requirements besides just learning. These organizations include the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).