Transform Staff into Certified Coders

Grow Your Own Coder – Mentoring and Progressive Skills Development

Our Grow Your Own Coder program allows you to keep your coding staff in production while developing your own credentialed coders in-house. Libman Education provides assessments of current skills, a learning path specific to the coder, and one-on-one mentoring with coding review and feedback to support your coder’s progress towards training goals. This customizable, cost-effective solution uses a model of progressive learning to ensure your coders develop the knowledge and real world experience necessary to perform their job to your standards.

If your organization needs to fill the coder gap, the Mentoring and Progressive Skills Development Customized Learning Paths may be just the solution that you need. Request a plan now by filling out the form below.

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Grow Your Own Coder

In The News

Grow Your Own Coder program was featured in the January ’17 issue of For The Record