“Libman is a terrific partner!”

Our relationship with Libman Education has been seamless, collaborative and a little surprising. For a small company, we were thoroughly impressed with their talent for marketing design, market knowledge, and campaign execution that directly created sales.  One of the best relationships we’ve experienced in the world of re-sellers and performance solutions.  With each collaboration, we find they bring new strengths, new insights, and even stronger results.

Libman, you really are topnotch!

Richard D. Pinson, MD, FACP and Cynthia Tang, RHIA, CCS
Pinson & Tang

The Libman Education Digital Partner Program

Vendors and service providers looking to reach HIM influencers and decision-makers can gain a competitive advantage by delivering their promotional messages, insights, best practices, and case studies directly to their target audience via the Libman Education Digital Partner Program.

The Digital Partner Program is an opportunity to “tap in” to the robust marketing environment built by Libman Education. The goal is to identify potential customers for your company’s goods or services and present your team as thought-leaders.

Digital Partner Program
Sponsorship Opportunity Per insertion # insertions Retail value
Branded Email $3,500 3 $10,500
Webinar $2,500 1 $2,500
Social Media $1,500 2 $3,000
Editorial Content $2,500 4 $10,000
Proprietary Market Research $5,000 2 $10,000
HIM Professional Census (if available) $5,000 1 $5,000
Banner Ad $1,000 4 $4,000
total $40-45,000
Digital Partner Program $15,000

How does it work? Each Digital Partner Program will be concentrated in a three-month period to demonstrate the value of a focused marketing effort. Sponsorship opportunities are customizable and may be adjusted to best support your promotional goals and objectives

Who will you reach?  Share your organization’s information with the 68,000+ HIM Professionals in our proprietary opt-in mailing list (a list not available anywhere else).  View a demographic and psychographic profile of our subscribers.

How do we track success?  The performance of the Digital Partner Program will be tracked in Constant Contact and Google Analytics and the results shared. Opens, click-throughs, form sign-ups, and other data will be tracked and evaluated to inform the nature of sponsorships going forward.

Design your own promotional package:

Branded Email

One-time or multi-phase; stand-alone or co-branded; send your email campaign to a subscriber list not available anywhere else.


Sponsor Libman Education webinars with an opportunity to include your brand and messaging

Social Media

Placement of your company or product in any of Libman Education’s actively managed social media groups.

Editorial Content

Provide blogs, articles, or white papers to appear in our newsletters to position your company as thought leaders, improve brand awareness, and provide contact information for readers wishing to follow-up.

Proprietary Market Research

Stand-alone or co-branded proprietary market research on topics related to your business.  Your survey questions sent to LEI readership to elicit customer insights and market intelligence.

HIM Professional Census

Sponsor the annual HIM Professional Census.  Add your questions to the survey and receive access to the survey’s proprietary data. Sponsorship, if available, will be included in the Digital Partner Program at no additional cost.

Banner Ad

Advertise your product or service in Libman Education’s three weekly newsletters to increase awareness among readers.

See our Specifications for Banner Advertisements.

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