Online Courses for Individuals

Where should I begin?

Knowing where to start and have a plan can be challenging. We encourage you to contact us at [email protected], call 978-369-7180, or sign onto our live chat located on bottom right footer of our website. Our experts will be happy to discuss your background and help you to lay out a plan that will fit your needs and career goals.

Think like a coder

Libman Education courses are authored by experienced coders and accomplished educators.  See our complete Course Catalog or choose one of our comprehensive, career-focussed Curricula.

Libman Education’s Approach to Coder Education:

  • Rather than rote memorization, we offer a ‘by-the-book’ approach to coding that yields complete, accurate and defensible coding decisions; strict adherence to the guidelines and conventions of the classification or coding system properly supported by documentation.
  • In-depth explanation, background, commentary, and analysis from Libman Education, your trusted provider of up-to-date information.
  • Detailed and timely updates on changes to the code sets and guidelines that affect how you will code now and in the future.
  • Online, self-paced, interactive and multi-media courses written by nationally recognized coding experts.
  • Designed by coders for coders, the courses are intense, challenging, and ensure in-depth understanding of this critically important material
  • eLearning Libraries provide a ready online resource of in-depth information at your fingertips.


[email protected] or 978-369-7180