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200Complete ICD-10-PCS Training: From Beginner to Advanced$880.0024 AHIMA24 AAPC
201ICD-10-PCS, Part 1: The Med/Surg Section$220.006 AHIMA6 AAPC
202ICD-10-PCS, Part 2: The Med/Surg-related and Ancillary Sections$220.006 AHIMA6 AAPC
203ICD-10 PCS, Part 3: Advanced Coding by Body System$440.0012 AHIMA12 AAPC
237ICD-10-PCS: Vascular Procedure Coding$199.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
238ICD-10-PCS: Cardiac Procedure Coding$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
235ICD-10-PCS: Orthopedic Procedure Coding$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
905eLearning Library$488.00$1,188.00AHIMAAAPC
904Advanced Coding Updates Library$812.00 $488.0017 AHIMA17 AAPC
703Pediatrics Coding Library$1,207.00 $888.0019 AHIMA19 AAPC
205ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics Coding Suite$660.0015 AHIMA15 AAPC
704CDI Essential Skills$295.009 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
600ICD-10-PCS Root Operations Flash Cards$19.95N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
800Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Exam Review$249.008 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
112ICD-10-CM/PCS Guidelines Package$358.009 AHIMA9 AAPC
400Anatomy & Physiology for Coders$220.0019 AHIMA19 AAPC
801Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Exam Review$395.009 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
111ICD-10-CM: Selected Guidelines for Coding and Reporting$179.006 AHIMA6 AAPC
804Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Exam Prep: CCS for Hospital Coders$1,495.0039 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
221ICD-10-PCS Guidelines: A Case Study Approach$179.003 AHIMA3 AAPC
401Medical Coding Foundational Skills$667.00 $550.0053 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
808Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Exam Review: CCS for CDI$395.009 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
805Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Exam Prep: CCS for CDI$1,495.0039 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
406Practical Coding Experience: Hospital Services$537.00 $495.009 AHIMA9 AAPC (pending)
105ICD-10-CM: Introduction to Diagnosis Coding$660.0026 AHIMA26 AAPC
402Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology$149.0017 AHIMA0 AAPC
403Introduction to Medical Terminology$149.0016 AHIMA0 AAPC
404Introduction to Pharmacology$220.0010 AHIMA0 AAPC
409Introduction to Pathophysiology$149.0010 AHIMA0 AAPC
405Principles of Health Information Management$220.005 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
410Practical Coding Experience: Inpatient$179.003 AHIMA3 AAPC (pending)
411Practical Coding Experience: Outpatient$358.006 AHIMA6 AAPC (pending)
232ICD-10-PCS: A Quick Course on Table Mechanics$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
310Updates for Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, and Vascular Surgery Webinar$199.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
234ICD-10-PCS: Introduction to Procedure Coding$660.0018 AHIMA18 AAPC
607IR/CV Anatomy Charts$184.95$201.14N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
306E/M Coding: Evaluation and Management Coding for Professional Fee Services$295.006 AHIMA6 AAPC
309IR/CV Medical Coding Seminars: LIVE Presentation$325.00$1,300.00AHIMAAAPC
407Anatomy & Physiology Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
308Complete IR and Cardiovascular Coding$950.000 AHIMA38 AAPC
302CPT® Coding: Introduction to CPT Coding$660.0023 AHIMA23 AAPC
700HIPAA Privacy & Security: Workforce Training for Business Associates$39.951 AHIMA1 AAPC
900Medical Coder Career Program (MCCP) - Inpatient$3,450.0097 AHIMA97 AAPC
113Coding Clinic Commentaries$25.001 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
301Complete Injection and Infusion Coding for Facilities: From Beginner to Advanced$110.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
701HIPAA Privacy & Security: Workforce Training for Providers of Healthcare Services$39.951 AHIMA1 AAPC
901Medical Coder Career Program (MCCP) - Inpatient (RHIT/RHIA)$2,995.0085 AHIMA89 AAPC
408Medical Terminology Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
504Facility Inpatient Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
307Injection and Infusion Coding for Facilities$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
311Introduction to Interventional Radiology Coding$62.50N/A - AHIMA2.5 AAPC
902Medical Coder Career Program (MCCP) – Outpatient$1,795.0028 AHIMA28 AAPC
602Vascular Roadmap Flash Cards for ICD-10-PCS$49.95N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
300Advanced Injection and Infusion Coding for Facilities$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
512Facility Outpatient Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
104ICD-10-CM for Pediatrics$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
312Peripheral Vascular Intervention Webinars$597.004.5 AHIMA6 AAPC
603CPT® Coding Injection & Infusion Pyramid$2.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
313Non-Vascular Interventional Coding Webinars$398.003.5 AHIMA4 AAPC
314Cardiology Webinars$995.007.5 AHIMA10 AAPC
802Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Exam Review$249.000 AHIMA12 AAPC
506ICD-10-PCS Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
337Basic Catheter Selections$199.001.5 AHIMA2 AAPC
807Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder (CIRCC) Exam Prep$259.000 AHIMA2 AAPC
303CPT® for Pediatrics$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
505ICD-10-CM Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
340Cardiothoracic Coding$199.001.5 AHIMA2 AAPC
803Certified Outpatient Coder (COC) Exam Review$249.009 AHIMA9 AAPC
513CPT® Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
605ICD-10-PCS Approach Decision Tree$2.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
304CPT® for Pediatrics: Advanced Orthopedic Coding$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
338Diagnostic Peripheral Angiography$199.001.5 AHIMA2 AAPC
606ICD-10 Bookmark$2.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
101ICD-10-CM Code Updates$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
204ICD-10-PCS Code Updates$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
305CPT® Code Updates$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
341Dialysis Access Coding$199.001.5 AHIMA2 AAPC
236ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Code Updates$358.00 $295.004 AHIMA4 AAPC
107ICD-10-CM and CPT® Code Updates$358.00 $295.004 AHIMA4 AAPC
339Neurointerventional Coding$199.001.5 AHIMA2 AAPC
511Surgical Day Care Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
315CPT Coding for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
510Professional Fee Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
316CPT Coding for Percutaneous Urinary Tract Interventions$50.000 AHIMA2 AAPC
502Emergency Department Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
317CPT Coding for Percutaneous Biliary Tract Interventions$37.500 AHIMA1.5 AAPC
503Evaluation and Management, Infusion and Ancillary Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
810Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Readiness Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
318CPT Coding for Implantable Defibrillators$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
811Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Readiness Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
319CPT Coding for Transvenous Cardiac Pacemakers$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
320CPT Coding for Electrophysiology Procedures$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
321CPT Coding for Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterizations$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
322CPT Coding for Image-Guided Percutaneous and Transcatheter Biopsies$25.00N/A - AHIMA1 AAPC
323CPT Coding for Image-Guided Percutaneous Fluid Collection Drainage & Management Procedures$25.00N/A - AHIMA1 AAPC
809Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Mock Exam$189.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
806Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Mock Exam$189.000 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
324CPT Coding for Arteriovenous Dialysis Access Imaging and Interventions$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
509Pediatric Outpatient/ED Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
325CPT Coding for Percutaneous Coronary Interventions$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
508Pediatric Inpatient Coding Skills Assessment$59.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
326CPT Coding for Transcatheter Infusion Therapy$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
206ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Musculoskeletal Systems$149.003 AHIMA3 AAPC
327CPT Coding for Transcatheter Mechanical Thrombectomy$25.00N/A - AHIMA1 AAPC
207ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems$199.004 AHIMA4 AAPC
328CPT Coding for Abdominal Aortography and Lower Extremity Angiography$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
208ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Mouth, Throat and Gastrointestinal System$149.003 AHIMA3 AAPC
329CPT Coding for Lower Extremity Arterial Endovascular Revascularization$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
209ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Nervous System$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
330CPT Coding for Diagnostic Venography$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
331CPT Coding for Selective Catheter Placement in the Arterial System$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
210ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Respiratory$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
332CPT Coding for Non-Coronary Vascular Stent Placement$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
333CPT Coding for Non-Selective Catheter Placements$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
211ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Genitourinary$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
334CPT Coding for Cervicocerebral Arteriography$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
212ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Procedures in the Regions: General, Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
336CPT Coding for Transcatheter Heart Valve Repair and Replacement$50.00N/A - AHIMA2 AAPC
213ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Eye, Ear, Nose, Sinus and Endocrine Glands$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
714Fundamentals of Inpatient Auditing$2,800.00 $2,600.0016 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
705Fundamentals of HCC Coding$295.007.5 AHIMA7.5 AAPC
712Inpatient Auditing Essential Skills$1,400.0011 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
702Long Term Acute Care Coding$295.003 AHIMA3 AAPC
812CRC Exam Review: Fundamentals of HCC Coding$295.007.5 AHIMA7.5 AAPC
713Inpatient Auditing Practicum$1,400.005 AHIMAN/A - AAPC
709Skilled Nursing Facility Coding$295.003 AHIMA3 AAPC (pending)
706Fundamentals of Reimbursement: Hospital Services$118.00 $110.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
707Fundamentals of Reimbursement: Inpatient Services$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
708Fundamentals of Reimbursement: Outpatient Services$59.001 AHIMA1 AAPC
335CPT Coding for Transcatheter Embolization$37.50N/A - AHIMA1.5 AAPC
903Grow Your Own CoderAHIMAAAPC
159Libman Education Course Extension$25.00N/A - AHIMAN/A - AAPC
108Choose one: FY 2020 Code Updates for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT®$179.002 AHIMA2 AAPC
109Choose any two: FY 2020 Code Updates for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT®$358.00 $295.004 AHIMA4 AAPC
110Choose all three: FY 2020 Code Updates for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT®$537.00 $395.006 AHIMA6 AAPC