by Barry Libman, MS, RHIA, CDIP, CCS, President, Libman Education and Barry Libman Inc.

Summer is behind us and we are busy preparing for FY 2023. There are new codes and guidelines to learn and implications to be understood and explored.

Building and maintaining a classification is a considerable challenge. Fortunately, the Cooperating Parties are up to the task. If in the course of studying the new codes, the addenda and the guidelines, you discover an error or an omission or simply have a constructive suggestion to make, be certain to communicate your observations and suggestions through the established channels.

As the saying goes, if you see something, say something. Don’t depend on the next person to do it for you. As a principal participant in the data-collection process, you have an obligation to speak up and speak out. The greater the number of comments on a topic, the greater the likelihood the issue will be taken seriously and addressed in a timely fashion.

When we speak with coding professionals about communicating improvements to the classification some express concern about hurting other’s feelings or experiencing reprisal for speaking up. Everyone should be assured that all those responsible at every level of the classification development and improvement process are resolute professionals and accept suggestions and criticism in the collegial spirit with which they are intended.

As you spend time with the FY 2023 update give thought to the implication of these changes on your work. Remember, we are a community of professionals. It is your obligation as well as privilege to speak out.

Watch our classification’s development in action! The next Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting is September 13-14, 2022. Join the meeting to see our industry’s best and brightest discuss potential improvements to the classifications. It can be a life-changing experience!

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