Coders: Finding What You Love To Do

Coders: Finding What You Love To Do

by Angela Gerbert, CCS
Instructor, Libman Education

What is it that you love to do? I love to teach. It is my passion. I have been doing it ever since I can remember. In fact, when I was a little girl, I used to line up all my stuffed animals on the floor in my room in front of my wall. The wall was my chalkboard, the animals my students, and the knob from my bedpost the chalk (it made a cool sound on the wall). When I graduated high school, my classmates thought for sure I would be a teacher.

What most people did not know then, is that I also secretly wanted to be a forensic scientist like Quincy. Off to college I went, but could not stay and the journey into medical record coding began. I found coding to be the next best thing to spending twelve years in medical school. I really enjoyed reading the patient’s story and being able to learn about the human body and disease processes on the job. I also learned that there was more to coding than meets the eye.

There are many opportunities for a coder out there. For me, coding education is where I wanted to land. I had to go back to school and earn my bachelor’s degree but recently moved full time into coder education after years of being an inpatient coder.

But, what about you? What is your passion? Maybe you just want the flexibility of a good part-time coding job so you can raise your kids. Maybe you want to dive into data analytics. Maybe manage a coding department. Whatever your dream, one thing I know for sure is in this field, you have to keep learning and growing in order to get where you want to go.

What is your dream? What is your path? For some of you it may be brushing up on your coding skills such as finally reading those guidelines, taking a course or two to help you advance to more complex and challenging coding, or going back to school and completing that HIM degree. For others it may be taking a leap of faith and accepting a new coding position with a new employer.

For me, today, I am thankful that the stuffed animals that once lined my bedroom floor have now become the next generation of coders to mentor. What does your future hold?

About the Author

Angela Gerbert
Angela Gerbert applies a hands-on approach to her role as the Director of Education for Libman Education. Whether overseeing the work of subject matter experts including nationally recognized coding authorities; challenging instructional designers to deliver content in a way that is both engaging and memorable; or tapping her 25 years’ experience in inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room coding to write coder-friendly courses herself, Angela is responsible for ensuring that our training is accurate, easily accessible, and challenging.

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