Add this Powerful Tool to Your Test-Preparation Arsenal

Add this Powerful Tool to Your Test-Preparation Arsenal

by Mary Beth York, CCS, CCS-P, CIC

Coding credential exams are difficult and sometimes it is hard to know where you stand before you sit.  But there is a solution:  practice or “mock” exams provide valuable information to the credential candidate exactly when needed.  The mock will help the candidate know which areas require additional preparation and study before attempting the actual test.

A coding credential mock exam can be a powerful tool in your test-preparation arsenal. Follow these four steps to make it work for you:

1. Find a mock exam that closely mimics the structure of the actual exam

If the actual exam is a combination of multiple choice and case scenarios to be coded, choose a mock exam that has the same components. Each type of question requires a different approach on the part of the candidate and you want to be sure that you have a good read on your skills in that particular type of question.

2. Select a mock exam that reflects the current exam code sets

It is a stunning reality that some mock exams have not been updated to match the current exam code sets. Practice testing of your knowledge on out-of-date codes and guidelines is a waste of time.

3. Chose a mock exam that provides results detailed enough to be of value

Finding out if you pass is helpful but not the only thing you need from the mock experience. Use the mock to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses. Take the time to study the rationales and understand why your answer was correct or incorrect. Use the mock to focus your final preparations for the actual exam.

4. Take the mock at the right point in time

If you take the mock exam too early, you may find too many areas that need additional study. If you take the mock too close to the actual exam, you will not have sufficient time to take advantage of what you learn.

Good luck!


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About the Author

Mary Beth York, CCS, CCS-P, CIC
Mary Beth York has over twenty year's experience in coding, auditing and documentation improvement for hospitals ranging from community to teaching hospitals as well as physician group practices. Mary Beth is the author of Libman Education's highly successful CCS Exam Prep course, as well as Libman Education's highly successful CCA Exam Review course. 

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    What CCS exam preps do you think are good tools to use

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      Hi Brad,
      Thanks for the inquiry. We have several different options, depending on your needs. See

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      She can definitely help you narrow down what best fits your needs.

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