Company offers virtual ICD-10, HIPAA, Credentialing and Home Health Training

BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS – February 4, 2013 – Due to growth in its course catalog and increased market demand for its online courses, Barry Libman Inc. announces the launch of Libman Education, a new company that specializes in education and training for the Health Information Management (HIM) professional.

“We are very excited about Libman Education, and look forward to helping individuals and health care organizations address their staff training and development needs,” said Barry Libman, president of Libman Education. “Preparing an organization’s employees for the current and future challenges the healthcare industry faces is exciting. We are pleased to have the opportunity to be part of the solution for these vitally important institutions.”

Libman Education’s products help individuals and healthcare organizations meet their HIM-related needs affordably and efficiently. The company currently offers courses on anatomy and physiology in preparation for ICD-10, HIPAA Security and Privacy, home health case mix and coding, as well as CCA and CCS certification exam preparation.

The virtual format of Libman Education’s training and education allows organizations to avoid the expensive overhead of travel or on-site training. The online structure allows organizations flexibility as to when coders take the courses, which can keep the courses from interfering with day-to-day coding tasks. In addition, if their budget is limited, organizations can spread costs over time by gradually signing up their coders for the courses.

Unique about Libman Education is that it is a collaborative venture. The company is partnering with content experts, industry consultants, and book publishers to bring their unique material to a broader audience via webinars and online courses. Partners are provided with extensive marketing support and initiatives.

Libman Education actively seeks course resellers, affiliate partners and content providers to team with the company. Libman Education has established affiliate relationships with such organizations as Kuehn Consulting, JLU Health, CompliancePro Solutions, MaHIMA, GHIMA, and CtHIMA.

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Libman Education Inc. is a leading provider of training for the health care workforce. We offer self-paced online courses designed and developed by leading industry experts in Health Information Management (HIM) and Medical Record Coding. Our courseware is used by individuals as well as health care providers and institutions, public and private workforce development training programs, and professional and volunteer associations interested in educating their employees, their students, and their members. At Libman Education, we offer the right-mix of online education to ensure that the health care workforce is prepared to meet the challenges of the changing health care workplace.

In January 2013, Barry Libman Inc. announced the launch of Libman Education, a new company that specializes in training the health care workforce. Founded in 1998, Barry Libman Inc. is a provider of medical record coding and audit services to hospitals and medical group practices. Education has always been central to the core of services provided by the company and in 2010, Barry Libman Inc. created its first online course: Anatomy & Physiology for Coders to prepare coders for the anatomy intensive requirements of ICD-10. Other courses soon followed. Due to growth in the catalog of course offerings and increasing market demand for its online products, Libman Education was founded to help the health care workforce meet their demanding training and education needs.