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Appropriate Use Of Yes/No Physician Queries

Appropriate Use Of Yes/No Physician Queries

by Christopher G. Richards, RHIA, CCS, Senior Associate, Barry Libman, Inc.

Specific instances where Yes/No queries are acceptable

In general, queries should not be designed to ask questions that result in a Yes/No response.  Like everything in life, there are exceptions.

1. Exception: POA queries when a diagnosis has already been documented.

Was the pressure ulcer POA?  Yes/No

2. Substantiating or further specifying “a diagnosis that is already present in the record”

Is this patient’s diabetes insulin dependent?  Yes/No

3. Establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between documented conditions such as manifestation/etiology, complications and conditions/diagnostic findings

Is there a cause and effect relationship between the patient hypertension and their heart failure?  Yes/No

4. To resolve conflicting practitioner documentation

A consultant states the patient’s BMI is 30 but the dietician states it is 41.7.
Is the dietician’s calculation correct?  Yes/No

Anytime you are presenting a physician with a Yes/No type query, always offer an “other” option for uncertain/unclear and to create a space for the physician to leave a comment.

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About the Author

Chris Richards, RHIA, CCS
Christopher Richards, is a Senior Associate at Barry Libman Inc. with expertise in DRGs and coding, CMS regulations, and a variety of Medicare topics.

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